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Trio of New City Pages

There are three new pages on the site now, each one about a different Western Washington city.

Each page is about remodeling contractors in three different Western Washington cities.

These three pages are for the cities of Bellevue, Vancouver and Tacoma.

Many people don’t shop around very often for a home remodeler, so most people don’t have someone in mind before they need one.

Some of these people are interested in looking at a short list of possible options.

Our plan is to use each one of these pages to write about one or two of the better contractors in those areas.

We hope that each of the builders we discuss would be a great choice for homeowners in that city.

The biggest decision you make this year isn’t going to be which remodeler to work with, but it still can be a significant decision.

We have those pages right here – Tacoma WA, Vancouver WA or Bellevue WA – if you’re interested in checking them out.

If you have experience with one of these construction contractors, and you are interested in leaving a short review of your experience, we would like to hear about it.

Initial Locations

Our first city pages about home remodelers are up at our site.

These initial two pages are all about remodelers in the cities of Seattle and Spokane.

Our expectation is that someone who lives in either of these cities could use one of these pages to locate a top house remodeler in their area.

Both Spokane and Seattle have several good construction companies. How do you determine which one will be your first choice?

Many people don’t use a remodeling company that often, so when they do need one, they often don’t know which one to contact first.

Deciding on which remodeler to call may not be the biggest choice you make this month, but it can be an important decision.

If you can collect some basic information and background about a few of the companies in your city, you should be able to make a pretty good choice based on a little research.

Both of those first pages are listed here: Seattle WA and Spokane WA

If you have any recommendations about house remodeling in either Spokane or Seattle, we look forward to reading them.

Let’s Go

This is our new website about home remodeling.

We have started this site to help homeowners find a local contractor.

To begin with, we are concentrating on the eight biggest metro areas in Washington, and we will expand from there.

Besides our own investigation, we hope viewers will send us the occasional construction company review or opinion.

We can use any submitted comments or company reviews to help build our list of recommended contractors.

Your comments or company reviews would certainly be appreciated.

We also appreciate the time you took to visit this site today.

Site Set Up

Our new website about home remodeling is now online.

You will be able to check out home remodeling experts in cities around the state of Washington.

This is the first post.