Disability Needs Remodeling Building a wheelchair accessible ramp

Remodeling Contractor

Do you or a loved-one have issues with being able to get around?

Need to make your home more accessible?

You can get someone to help you out.

You can find an experienced pro who can check out your current situation, make some recommendations, decide on a plan and then get your project done.

When your project is finished, your home will be easier to get around in for someone with a walker, wheelchair or other mobility issue.

Typical projects include:
1. Building a wheel-chair accessible ramp in order to get in and out of the home easier;
2. Remodeling the bathroom so the homeowner has more space and can use the tub or shower safer;
3. Remodeling the kitchen in order to give the homeowner more independence and make it easier to perform basic kitchen tasks;
4. Reorganizing or re-purposing a room in order to fit a hospital bed into a first-floor space.

A professional contractor who has knowledge of such renovations will understand what types of changes you will need, plus will know how to get those projects done in such a way so that the future market value of the home isn’t impacted in a negative way.

Cheap, do-it-yourself construction jobs, performed quickly by a homeowner in order to fit the needs of someone due to injury or declining health, can quickly and significantly affect the market value of a residence.

It’s almost always better to consult with a professional in order to do the job right and to do it in a manner so that future owners of the home will see the changes as positive improvements, not negative ones.

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